Moving Supplies

Mattress Covers

mattresscoverPreserve the life of your mattresses by using a mattress cover for moving or. Mattress covers come in all sizes and keep your bed from collecting dirt. A clean bed is better than a dusty one

Sizes Available:      Single,  Double,  Queen,  King 

                                                                         $9.00                  $12.00                 $15.00            $18.00

Sofa Covers

sofacoverSofa covers provide a barrier for the cushions and surfaces of your couch from dust. Cover your furniture during storage or a move to preserve the life of your items.


Moving Blankets

movingblanketsMoving blankets cover furniture, glass, and fragile items during a move, transit or storage. Covering an armoire, mirror or antique with a moving blanket is one of the best way to ensure your items are not damaged.  Rent them for $1.00 per pad

or buy our premium pads for $15.00 each (NEW)


Packing Paper

packingpaperPacking paper wraps your fragile items and fills empty space in boxes so items do not shift. Truly a must have for all moves

$20 Per Bundle



Boxes of all sizes to suit your needs 

Small      Medium     Large       Wardrobe/Bar

                                                  $3.00       $4.00         $6.00            $15.00


Picture/Mirror Box

picturemirrorFamily photos, mirrors and artwork need special care when moving. Avoid punctures or broken glass by storing these items in this specialty box.

Small       Large

$6.00       $8.00

Wardrobe Box

shortwardrobeA short wardrobe box is perfect for moving or storing clothes while still on the hanger! This makes moving your entire closet a cinch. Short wardrobe boxes are perfect for hanging shirts, skirts or jackets.   (includes box and aluminum bar)




heavycleartapeHeavy-duty packing tape is best for securing large or heavy boxes and during a move.



 Floor Protection

Free  with every move